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A Family Business

Munyard Brewery in Lincolnshire is built by a father and son team. Richard Munyard, the father, opened his first manufacturing business the same week Oliver Munyard, the son, was born. Literally, while Oliver was learning how to walk, Richard was learning how to run a successful business, by developing a keen eye for quality products.

Years later, and since leaving university, Oliver had tried a few jobs however didn’t find his passion until he started home brewing. He started brewing on a 25 litre home brew kit and with every batch focused more on creating better beers.

Some of the most technically difficult beers to make are lagers, the flavour profile has to be so pure and precise that Oliver accepted the big challenge of creating amazing lagers.

Brewery in Lincolnshire
Brewery in Lincolnshire

We set the business up in 2019 and brewed three lagers using another brewery’s kit. Our slogan was “It’s time to move to Munyard”. Unfortunately COVID had a different plan, and we were forced to stop trading.

In the time between then and now we have been focused on taking the production process into our own hands. Richard with his manufacturing experience, and Oliver with his passion for brewing, together are creating craft beers from our brewery in Lincolnshire that we are extremely proud of.

… And, we now also do ales and IPAs.

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